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On The Vine! Issue #001
September 03, 2013

On The Vine! Issue #001

On The Vine!, Issue #001 September 2013

In the pursuit of fine a destination...

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Summer has been beautiful at the vineyard this year..the nets are now draping over the vines, protecting the grapes from the gazillion birds we have...

And while summer may be wrapping up...Autumn is well on its way and with that comes Fall Harvest..and TONS more festivals!

So stay tuned on HVV happenings...and enjoy our featured article for a different twist on fish and wine pairings!

Photo Memories

Our Chambourcin grapes turned color in August...they're gorgeous now! We think this is going to be one of our best harvests yet...

Here's Lars playing a killer trombone at the Hopewell Valley Vineyards Jazz Ensemble, the last Friday of every month!

As the grapes start to ripen...the birds start to descend! That's why we need to drape our vineyards in special netting...this green netting was a special order from Italy, and soon will be replacing all our older white netting as well...

Here's Alex on her last day working for HVV in the summer...time to go back to school! See you soon, Alex!
A young line of white poplar trees are certainly taking root! They're almost as tall as the winery!

Who doesn't love a beautiful and colorful summer garden?

Coming back home after a stay in Greece to visit friends and family, Nikiforos and I were greeted by these beautiful wildflowers picked by Violetta...a great welcome!

Have you seen our new jazz painting behind the piano? It's pretty hard to miss...with its bold colors, surreal perspective, and mysterious scene of characters - it'll keep you gazing at it for a while! Do you like it? Do you hate it? Let us know!

Wanna leave us a comment on any of the photos above? You can submit your thoughts by clicking here!

FEATURED ARTICLE - Breaking the rules of wine and fish pairing!

"White wine and wine with meat."

While this guideline is overall very sound, and one that those new to wine will find helpful - it’s also overall very boring.

And since the wine world is anything but boring, it follows that any rigid rule in the wine world is meant to sometimes be broken. (Unless of course you want to eat the same food with the same wine an entire lifetime!)

But I think it’s safe to say that most people, after exploring their preferences and tastes, want to explore wine and food pairings beyond the basics.

To start, let’s expand this wine pairing rule by incorporating new possible pairings:

-> a grilled salmon steak, with its thick and oily flakes of pink meat, is probably better appreciated with a light-bodied red, like a Pinot Noir or a Chambourcin, rather than a white. Even a rose may win your heart!

-> veal and pork are two neutral meats that can be paired with countless wines from both the red and white categories - in these cases, the prepared sauces will probably dictate the end pairing.

-> artichokes? the eternal pairing dilemma. this finicky vegetable puts up a hard fight indeed - if you find a great recipe and pairing with artichokes, let us know!

"Salmon with white wine? Salmon with red wine?"

Let’s take salmon for example, a fish like all the rest.

If we were to follow the white wine with fish mantra, we’d fail to see the endless possibilities:

Below are some potential salmon recipes to help us think out of the old rut:

-> Grilled salmon, with its slightly charred skin and smokey meat, pairs well with a low-tone Zinfandel, a Malbec, or a spicy Barbera.

-> Poached salmon on the other hand, conjures up a completely different dish - and a completely different wine. Poached salmon accentuates the naturally oily and moist meat, yet softens the fishy flavors. In this such case, a rich and buttery Chardonnay can best complement the rich and buttery salmon meat.

-> On the other hand, salmon cooked on cedar planks picks up an entirely different aroma and flavor - and so an oak-aged Chardonnay may clash with the cedar-infused salmon meat. Instead, head for a red wine the holds a good punch, like a jovial Syrah or a New World melange with contenders like Cabernet Sauvignon with Chambourcin or Barbera.

As we can see, how you cook salmon ultimately determines how you pair with it.

The weight and body of the wine should parallel the richness of the salmon meat, as well as the complexity of the sauce and preparation chosen.

Whatever you end up choosing for your salmon wine pairing, simply keep in mind that the wine must have the right acidity, body, and depth in flavor to pair up to this mighty pink fish.

So while the old 'white wine and fish' rule remains sound advice, it's clear that so much more goes into a good wine pairing than what food group and what color wine we're considering.

For more seafood and wine suggestions beyond salmon...Go out and explore!

Let us know what great wine and food pairings you've come up with as well!

Special Announcements


What Else Is New?

PROUD TO BE PRESERVED! Read all about how Hopewell Valley Vineyards is officially preserved New Jersey Farmland...after many years in the process, the day has finally come! Read the press release and HVVs comments as well...

Agritourism Study! Read a concise summer of important points that I've collected from Rutgers University's Agritourism study in the Garden State. You'll quickly get the facts and discover why agritourism plays such an important role in the stability and future of small NJ farms, and small farms everywhere!

Wine Free Delivery! Who doesn't LOVE free shipping? HVV now offers free shipping on case orders all over the country! Check out why and how we offer free shipping, and what rules apply...


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I hope you enjoy it as much as I do writing it!

Until next time, stay classy and drink some fine wine! :-)

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